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Hi! I am Cherie. I am a mommy to irish twins (kiddos about a year apart). I am also a first grade teacher. :) Welcome to my controlled chaos!

Bryce's Story

Back to that Princess who still has her shoes.  Well, Princess had this new baby, and came upon a wonderful Prince who had his own white horse.  He took care of her, loved her son, and Princess finally thought her "happily ever after was coming true".  Even fairy tale characters like to have fun, so Prince and Princess went to Vegas for New Year's Eve (and Princess' 30th bday) in 2010.  Yay Vegas!  They had a great little vacation.  Cloppity clop goes the white horse happily trotting on it's trail.  Then the horse must have gotten spooked.  Because the week after we got back from Vegas, the horse, along with his Prince decided to leave.  Princess was very very sad.  Then 2-ish weeks later, surprise!  Another 2 pink lines!!  Princess must be very fertile.  Another, even longer, story short... I was having another baby boy!  I am beginning to think white horses are allergic to babies.  I should definitely look into this.  But wait!  Princess still has her shoes!  She can still walk down her own path! :)  Too bad she doesn't have an iPod to take with her anymore.  Those who know me will get that inside joke. 

I still enjoyed being pregnant, but this time it was harder.  I had to take shots in my tushie every week so that Mr. Bryce wasn't early in his arrival.  Thanks, Abbie, for poking me in the butt each week.  That's love right there.  26 weeks into my pregnancy, I started feeling a lot of contractions.  Not painful ones, though, so I chalked it up to braxton hicks.  But it was a Friday, so I called just to be sure.  They told me to lay down, drink juice and call in an hour.  Well they hadn't stopped, so I had to go to the ER.  Got to the ER and the Triage nurse remembered me.  She told me "didn't you just have one?"  Yep.  Sure did.  Vegas, man, Vegas.  They monitored me, flooded me with fluids, and finally let me go home at like 2am.  I was put on bedrest for the weekend.  Let me tell you... being on bedrest with an 8 month old is not an easy task! 

The rest of the pregnancy was ok, but I was absolutely miserable at the end.  I had been dilating that whole time, and my water was about to break.  I went in for an exam and the Dr sent me straight over to the hospital.  That was Wednesday, September 21st at noon. 

Bryce Alexander Lennex was born at 4:22pm on 9/21/11.  He weighed 6lb 7oz and was 20" long.  A tiny little dude.  He also quit breathing shortly after he was born.  I don't know what it is about my kids and breathing.  Here's Bryce's first picture:

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